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Can Coravin Be Used on Champagne

Couple sitting outside enjoying a bottle of Champagne with the Coravin Sparkling device

Opening a bottle of bubbly marks a celebration – even if that celebration is simply enjoying a glass of your favourite Champagne, Prosecco, Cava or any other sparkling wine. But, after opening and having just-one-glass, we’re all too familiar with the unfortunate truth that the bottle will lose its sparkle and flavour after a few short hours.

Well, at least that used to be the case. Queue: Coravin Sparkling™.

With Coravin Sparkling you can preserve your bottle of bubbly for up to 4 weeks after opening. This means you can sample a glass today, have a sip tomorrow, or share a few bottles with friends over the weekend.

How does Coravin Sparkling work?

One of the major challenges facing the sparkling wine industry is the fragility of the wine. Within hours of opening a bottle of bubbly, the bubbles break down, leading to a once-sparkling beverage losing its effervescence. Coravin Sparkling Sparkling Wine Preservation System solves this problem with a portable, easy-to-use system that pairs a secure, universal-fit stopper with a hand-held charging unit to maintain the wine’s carbonation level between pours – whether that’s a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks.

By charging the bottle with CO2 after use, the gas creates a blanket so that oxygen can’t get in and carbon dioxide can’t get out. This ensures your bottle of bubbly doesn’t go flat, and its lovely flavours don’t evaporate or spoil.

How does it compare to other champagne and sparkling wine preservers?

Like a lot of us, you may have tried the spoon-in-the-bottle trick, or even purchased a highly reviewed bottle stopper, but this only preserves the wine for a few short days. As opposed to the Coravin Sparkling system, which preserves the Champagne (or sparkling wine) for up to 4 weeks.

Coravin Sparkling wine preservation graph comparing Sparkling wine preservation devices.

The Coravin Sparkling wine by the glass system uses CO2 (the same gas that creates bubbles in the wine). It fills the headspace in the bottle and prevents the bubbles in the sparkling wine from dissipating. This keeps the original effervescence intact, ensuring the last glass tastes just as good as the first.

How do I use the Coravin Sparkling system?

If you’ve ever used one of our preservation devices, whether it be the Timeless or Pivot, you know the technology is both fun and easy. Sparkling is no different. After opening your bottle of champagne or sparkling wine, raise the Sparkling Stopper’s locking handle to the unlock position. Place the Stopper on the lip of the open bottle and firmly press down until the Stopper is flush with the bottle.

If that wasn’t clear enough, take a look at this video of founder Greg Lambrecht using the Coravin Sparkling:

How to Use Coravin Sparkling®

After every pour, immediately place the Coravin Sparkling stopper on the bottle. We recommend charging your bottle at the end of the day or when you’re ready to store the bottle for a later date. If you finish the bottle in 1-2 days, it might not need a charge – simply store it in a cold, dark place. To preserve the effervescence, charge the bottle after each pour and consume the wine within 4 weeks.


What's included in Coravin Sparkling

What does it come with?
The Coravin Sparkling wine by the glass system comes with:

Sparkling Charger
This charges your bottle with pure CO2 gas, creating a protective layer that has no effect on the taste of the wine, and preserves the fizz in every glass.

2x Coravin Sparkling Stoppers
Unlike regular stoppers, these patented universal Sparkling Stoppers adjust to fit any standard or large sized champagne bottle, and lock securely in place. The stopper sits flush to the bottle, so you can store your wine on its side after you’ve poured a delicious glass of bubbly.

4x Coravin Pure Sparkling CO2 Capsules
Preserve the flavour and bubbles in your wine. Coravin Pure Sparkling SO2 Capsules preserve up to 7 standard bottles of wine.

Time to dust off that bottle of bubbly and make the most out of this Sparkling wine preservation system. Thanks to the ingenious combination of the Sparkling Stopper and Charger, Coravin can be used to preserve your Champagne.

Still not convinced? For more information on Coravin Sparkling, check out our FAQs to learn more about the Coravin Sparkling Charger, Capsules, Cleaning, Storage and more!