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Best tips on how to use Coravin: The 4 C’s of Coravin Care

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Coravin's wine preservation systems are more than just about protecting wine from oxidation or wastage. They're about the freedom to enjoy wine on your terms. Want to savor a glass of red while your partner prefers white? Or perhaps you wish to pair the perfect wine with each course of your meal? Coravin makes these choices effortless. Born from the ingenuity and passion of its founder, Greg Lambrecht, the Coravin story marries his expertise in medical-grade needles with a deep appreciation for wine. This union paved the way for a groundbreaking method, allowing wine enthusiasts to delve into their favorite bottles today, and again weeks, months, or even years later, without compromising the wine's integrity. Whether you're a casual wine drinker or a seasoned connoisseur, Coravin is crafted to enrich every wine experience.

While you might need to occasionally change the Coravin needle and capsules, with proper care, the system is crafted to serve you through countless glasses of red, white, rosé and even sparkling wine.

For those who already have a Coravin in their collection, the 4 C’s – closure, clear, clean, and cellar – might ring a bell. In this article, we'll delve into these critical aspects, guiding you on how to optimally maintain your Coravin for countless flawless pours in the future.

In essence, the 4 C’s represent:

  • Recognizing the type of closure

  • Clearing the system before every use

  • Ensuring thorough cleaning post-use

  • Properly storing in your cellar or wine shelf

Let’s dive a little deeper...

1. Closure

When you operate a Coravin Timeless wine preservation system, the needle makes its way through the cork or our bespoke screw cap closure, allowing wine to flow out with just a tilt and press pf the trigger. It's vital to ensure the wine's closure is either a natural cork, agglomerated cork, multi-piece cork, or twin top cork. Synthetic corks don't have the ability to reseal. Also, be cautious with wax seals. While a slim layer won't pose problems, a heftier layer could obstruct wine access. If unsure, it's safest to opt for a screw cap closure.

2. Clear

Before you start your wine session, give the trigger a swift press to ensure the system is free from any lingering residue. A brief press is sufficient and also serves as an excellent way to verify that there's still argon gas in your capsule.

For those using Coravin Pivot, there's no need to perform this clearing step; its wine tube and spout are designed wider than those in our Timeless systems, mitigating the need.

3. Clean

Maintaining the hygiene of your Coravin Timeless, Pivot and Sparkling systems is a breeze. After each use, or as you wrap up your evening, it's beneficial to give the system a rinse with warm water, followed by a gentle drying using a cloth. For rinsing (specifically with the Timeless and Pivot), position the spout under a stream of warm water, letting it flow through.

4. Cellar

This last 'C' emphasizes storage. Regardless of whether you boast an elaborate wine cellar or a simple shelf, the principle remains: treat each bottle as if you intend it to last indefinitely. This means stowing them away in cool, dark spots, preferably on their sides. For bottles with delicate or recently chilled corks, give them a few additional moments in an upright stance, ensuring the corks have ample time to reseal before nestling them in their storage spot.

To conclude; In the world of wine, every detail matters – from the grapes' origin to the way we enjoy each bottle's contents. The Coravin wine-by-the-glass systems exemplifies this philosophy by offering a nuanced approach to wine preservation and consumption. By embracing the 4 C’s – closure, clear, clean, and cellar – you're not only ensuring the longevity of your Coravin device but also the integrity and vibrancy of every bottle it touches. Whether you're taking a moment to relish a personal favorite or sharing a treasured bottle with friends, Coravin ensures each experience is as remarkable as the last. So, raise your glass to making the most of every drop and to the countless memorable moments that await with Coravin. Cheers!


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