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How to Set Up Your Own Home Wine Bar

Elegant dining table setup with a background display of wine bottles, wine fridges, and wine cellar storage.

We had such a great time with George Miliotes, Master Sommelier and Proprietor of Wine Bar George at Disney Springs on our latest episode of Wine O’Clock! Are you looking for more tips and tricks for building the ultimate at-home wine bar? Keep reading as George shares with us even more ways to take your wine drinking to the next level.

Enjoying wine at home has become the new normal for now. Beyond pouring and sipping there are ways to enhance your in-home wine experience. From glassware to temperature tricks here are a few tips to consider before enjoying your next glass of wine at home.

Master Sommelier George Miliotes holds a glass of red wine while standing in a restaurant.


Glassware can be complex, but it’s best to keep things simple. Start with a standard 12-ounce tulip-shaped glass for consistent tasting across all wines regardless of the varietal. This universal glass is relatively easy to find as all high-quality glassware companies should carry this style of wine glass. Purchase a dozen (or more) glasses so you can compare and contrast a range of wines from one glass to the next while having some extras around in case they break.

For storage, choose an odor-free cabinet, otherwise, you’ll need to hand wash each glass before you drink. Keep in mind, different types of wood will add unwanted aromas to your glassware.

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to clean, don’t be afraid to buy dishwasher safe glasses. But regardless of how you wash your glasses, be sure to purchase a high-quality polishing rag to finish the cleaning process. Just like cabinet aroma, spotty glassware also gets in the way of enjoying and evaluating a wine.

Woman sitting at a table spread of fruit with red wine being poured by a Coravin Wine Preservation System.

Wine Tools

Of course, the ultimate wine tool is a Coravin System. I’m a fan of the Timeless Three. The joy of wine is being able to taste whatever wine I want, whenever I want, and Coravin is the tool that helps me do that without opening the cork and wasting wine. The Fast Pour Needles and Screw Cap accessories are also essential to access a wide range of wines. We always make sure to have enough of the argon gas Capsules on hand at home.

When the occasion calls for opening a whole bottle, my go-to openers are Pulltap’s double-hinged waiter’s corkscrew or the Durand for older bottles with fragile corks. The Vintage Needle from Coravin also works exceptionally well on aged wine; it’s a tool we use regularly at Wine Bar George and is great for any in-home wine bar as well.

Your refrigerator is a great tool when it comes to enjoying wine at the proper temperature. Take your white wine out of the fridge 10 minutes before serving and place your red wine in the fridge 10 minutes before drinking. This will allow for the wine to come up or down to the ideal temperature for tasting.

A George Miliotes wine glass filled with white wine and wine bottles in the background.


In today’s marketplace, there are many avenues to acquire wine between online shops, grocery stores, and other retailers. For the best experience, become a regular in your local wine shop. These shops can point you in the right direction based on your preferences, budget, and will introduce you to interesting wines. Regardless of your budget and knowledge level, wine shops are a great place to stock your in-home wine bar.

Once it’s safe to return to wine bars they are of course another excellent avenue to explore a variety of wines. At Wine Bar George we serve 140 wines by the glass, bottle, and the ounce. The Coravin allows us to serve some of the world’s greatest wines by the ounce to give you the ultimate wine tasting experience when you dine at Wine Bar George and truly open up endless possibilities with pairing.

Purchasing the proper glassware, investing in wine tools, and shopping for wines locally will all help to create the ultimate in-home wine bar. By implementing a few simple changes, you can drastically enhance your wine experience at home. Cheers!