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How to Use Coravin: Timeless Eleven Connected Device


This Coravin Timeless system takes the wine drinking experience to a whole new level. The Coravin Timeless Eleven is the first automatic and connected wine preservation system out there and we’re going to teach you how to use it.

In addition to the sleek Timeless Eleven system (also known as Coravin Model Eleven) with automatic tip-to-pour activation, Bluetooth connectivity, and interactive LED screen, the Wine Collector Set includes:

  • Coravin Pure™ Capsules: Our unique capsules filled with pure Argon gas are manufactured and inspected to ensure the highest level of preservation with no impact to the taste of your wine.

  • Coravin Timeless Aerator: The aerator creates small jets of wine as you pour, rapidly aerating wine to deliver results equivalent to 60-90 minutes decanting.

  • Standard Screw Caps: Twist off? No problem. Screw caps can be secured onto any screw cap bottle for use with all Coravin Needles (present on all Coravin Timeless systems). The self-sealing silicone protects wine for up to three months.

  • Carrying case: The carrying case features two inner pockets that conveniently fit Coravin Pure™ Capsules or the Coravin Aerator.

  • Needle clearing tool: If your needle becomes clogged, use this specially designed Clearing Tool to clear out any cork particles.

To use your Coravin Timeless Eleven to its full potential, you’ll also need to connect it with the Coravin Moments App for added controls, including custom pour speeds, system status checks, and Capsule replacement reminders. Timeless Eleven is the ultimate advancement in wine technology. This set includes key accessories, perfect for wine collectors, connoisseurs, and techies.

How to use Coravin Timeless Eleven

Once charged and connected, using your Timeless Eleven wine preservation system is as easy as insert, tip, and pour. Here’s a step-by-step guide to pouring your first glass of wine.

  1. Charge: Before you’re ready to pour your first glass, fully charge your system by connecting the provided USB cable to any standard adaptor, then connect the small end of the cord to your system. The battery button will flash to indicate the system is charging and will turn solid when the Coravin system is fully charged. Disconnect the USB before use.

  2. Download the app: Connect your system to the Coravin Moments App to monitor system stats and access additional system controls.

  3. Insert the capsule: The Coravin system glows red when the Coravin Pure™ Capsule is empty and needs to be replaced. To replace it, remove the capsule cup, place it into the cap, then screw it back on tightly.

  4. Insert: Once charged, connected, and packed with a full capsule, the light on the Coravin Timeless Eleven glows blue. To insert the needle into the bottle, place the bottle upright on a table, place the clamp over the neck of the bottle, and push down on the top of the system with the palm of your hand.

  5. Tip: Hold the spout over the glass and tip the bottle to a 45° angle.

  6. Pour: Wine will pour automatically once the bottle is in the correct position. To stop the pour, slowly tilt the bottle upright.

To remove the system from the bottle, hold the bottle with one hand as you lift the handle and pull the system directly up with the other. It’s normal to see a small drop of wine on the cork when the needle is removed.

Getting Started with Model Eleven

Enhance your wine-drinking experience

Let’s get one thing straight, enjoying a glass of wine goes further than having a tasty bottle and a fancy Timeless Eleven. To truly enhance the wine-drinking experience, consider investing in an elegant cheese platter for your food pairings, the perfect set of glasses for your preferred wine varietal, and other dinner party accessories to pull it all together.