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How to Use Coravin Sparkling

IMG Sparkling flat lay wide

We are so excited to welcome Coravin Sparkling™ to our lineup of wine preservation systems. Like it’s name suggests, Sparkling preserves wines with carbonation for a month, allowing restaurants to pour more sparkling wines by the glass or allowing champagne connoisseurs to get more legs out of their favorite bottles.

Curious to learn how it works? In short, by charging the bottle with CO2 after use. The CO2 creates a blanket so that oxygen can’t get in and CO2 can’t escape. Read on to learn exactly how and when to use Coravin Sparkling.

How to open sparkling wine

Before you use Coravin Sparkling, you need to know how to open the bottle. As hard as we tried, we couldn’t preserve sparkling wine without popping the cork.

  1. Remove the foil over the sparkling wine cork.

  2. Loosen the wire cage covering the cork by untwisting it all the way. Remove it or leave it on for extra grip.

  3. Tilt the bottle to a 45° angle with one hand firmly gripping the cork and cage, the other gripping the bottom of the bottle. Start to twist the bottle back and forth. Keep a firm grip on the cork so it pushes out slowly.

  4. Release the cork slowly, listening for that subtle “pop” sound.

  5. Pour your wine. Cheers!


How to use Coravin Sparkling

Now that the bottle is open, it’s time to give Coravin Sparkling a job. After every pour, immediately place the Coravin Sparkling stopper on the bottle. We recommend charging your bottle at the end of the day or when you’re ready to store the bottle for a later date. If you’ll finish the bottle in 1-2 days, it might not need a charge – simply store it in a cold, dark place if you don’t mind some decrease in carbonation. To preserve the effervescence of the wine so every glass tastes as good as the first, charge the bottle after each pour and consume the wine within 2 weeks.

Each Coravin Sparkling CO2 capsule can preserve an average 7 bottles of sparkling wine depending on how empty or full your bottles are. Use your stopper in between pours to ensure the wine stays as fresh as possible.

How to Use Coravin Sparkling

Installing the Coravin Sparkling stopper

  1. Remove the cork and foil around the neck. Pour sparkling wine.

  2. Raise lock handle on stopper until you see the unlock symbol. Place Sparkling stopper on the bottle.

  3. Firmly press down on the locking handle until it is flush. Significant force may be required.

Removing the Sparkling stopper

  1. To remove Sparkling stopper, place hand securely on top of stopper. Tilt stopper or pull Locking Handle halfway to release pressure. Then pull handle to unlocked position and remove stopper.

  2. Pour sparkling wine.

Install a Sparkling CO2 capsule

  1. This System is designed to work only with genuine Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2 Capsules. Always check that the pressure indicator on the Sparkling charger is red (no gas remaining) before installing a new capsule.

  2. Slide latch cover up to reveal door latches.

  3. Squeeze door latches in firmly and pull open to reveal the capsule bay release

  4. Slide release up to open capsule bay.

  5. Insert new Coravin Sparkling capsule – balck cap up.

  6. Close the capsule bay firmly – you’ll hear an audible click. Slide latch cover down to cover door latches.

  7. Close access door firmly until it latches. This action will puncture CO2 capsule. Check that pressure indicator is green. Do not open access door until the pressure indicator is red.

Preserving sparkling wine

  1. Sparkling charger has a green/red pressure Indicator on the side to show when a bottle has been fully charged with CO2 and if the CO2 cartridge has gas or is empty (see instructions for more information).

  2. Make sure Sparkling charger nozzle and top of Sparkling stopper are clean.

  3. Align Sparkling charger on top of Sparkling stopper and press straight down firmly until you hear CO2 releasing into the bottle.

  4. Hold until you hear gas stop or pressure Indicator turns green. If you hear gas leaking out, check that you are pressing straight down and Sparkling charger is well seated. Store bottle in refrigerator on its side for best preservation results.

The future of sparkling wine drinking

One of the major challenges facing the sparkling wine industry is the fragility of the wine. Within hours of opening the bottle, the bubbles break down, leading to a once-sparkling beverage losing its effervescence. Coravin Sparkling™ Sparkling Wine Preservation System solves this problem with a portable, easy-to-use system that pairs a secure, universal-fit stopper with a hand-held charging unit to maintain the wine’s carbonation level between pours, whether that’s a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks.

We can’t wait to see what you’re tasting with Coravin Sparkling. Share your sips with us on social – @coravin.