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Wine Etiquette Essentials: How to Hold a Glass of Wine

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The joy of wine goes beyond simply drinking it. Selecting the ideal bottle and the manner in which you hold your glass is all important to the art of the wine drinking experience. In this article, we'll explore an often overlooked but essential aspect of wine: how to hold a glass of wine.

How to Hold Wine Glass: The Basics

The fundamental rule is to hold the stem of the glass rather than the bowl. Doing so prevents your the warmth from your hand from changing the wine's temperature, which ultimately alters its flavor, particularly in white wines that are best enjoyed cold.

Proper Way to Hold a Wine Glass: The Elegance Factor

Imagine yourself at a wine tasting or a classy dinner party. The way you handle your glass reflects your understanding and appreciation of wine. To achieve this, lightly grip the stem between your thumb, index, and middle finger. This method is practical and adds an air of grace to your stance, enriching the experience of enjoying your favorite wine and making you look extra glam as you snap a selfie for Instagram. This grip also makes it easier for you to swirl your wine, gently releasing the wine's full spectrum of aromas.

How to Hold a Wine Glass Properly: Beyond the Basics

Beyond the basic technique, there are subtleties to how you hold a wine glass properly, especially when considering different wine types. For example, red wine glasses usually have a larger bowl to enhance the wine's dynamic scents and flavors. While the principle of holding the stem remains, a more relaxed grip is suitable. This approach mirrors the robust nature of red wines compared to the delicate profiles of white wines.


Understanding how to hold a wine glass is an easy yet effective way to improve your wine tasting experience. Embrace the subtle differences this small change can make in your appreciation of wine.